Cleric Class Dice

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Clerics are the faithful servants and champions of the gods, blessed with magic and power in return for their devotion. Depending upon the god that they serve, a cleric may be a great force for good, or a corruptive and dangerous influence upon the world around them.


Our Cleric Class Dice Resin DND Dice Set features colors along with opacity, a pattern, and luminescence. Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons or any tabletop Role Playing Game. These dice do not discriminate.


Dice Attributes

  • COLOR: Black
  • MATERIAL: Acrylic
  • SIZE: Standard
  • OPACITY: Transparent
  • PATTERN: Marbled
  • NUMBER COLOR: White Numbers w/ Medic 20
  • 7 PIECE SET COMES WITH: D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4 and Percentile