MTG Magic The Gathering Ravnica Allegiance Booster Box + Bundle!

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Brand: Magic The Gathering


  • Welcome back to Ravnica!
  • This listing includes (1) booster box and (1) bundle.
  • Each Booster Box contains 36 booster packs of 15 random cards each, each Bundle contains 10 packs plus more!

Details: Darkness is coming to Ravnica. A conflict that could tear apart the world itself looms large, and the fragile peace between the guilds is strained to its breaking point! Now, with everything on the line, it's time to step up, prove your loyalty, and fight for your guild! Five guilds have been taken over by planeswalkers working for Nicol Bolas! Vraska is now queen of the Golgari, and Ral Zarek has taken over the daily operations of the Izzet League from Niv-Mizzet.. what are the last free guilds doing..? The Ravnica Allegiance master set for Magic The Gathering contains 264 cards, each pack contains 15 random cards from the master set, and any pack can include randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. This set features five of the bi-colored Ravnican guilds: Azorius ({W}{U}), Rakdos ({B}{R}), Gruul ({R}{G}), Simic ({G}{U}), and Orzhov ({W}{B}). -- Booster Box: Contains 36 booster packs of 15 random cards each. Each pack is guaranteed to contain at least (1) Mythic or Rare card, (3) Uncommon cards, and also can have foil premium cards randomly inserted in some packs. -- Bundle: 10 booster packs 1 card box 1 player’s guide 1 80-card land pack 1 learn-to-play insert 1 Spindown life counter